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At the Academy all the theory linking in my mind, I found my self in the right place fitting to all the concepts of political artwork. I was conscious of my position of having many things I could express though I needed to be in the appropriate state of mind to receive experience and digest information before realizing them in other forms.

Therefore, I chose to work with the Icon painting, finding that it was interesting and calming to work with at the time. As part of this I carried out research on the tradition and history of Icon paintings, tracing the great history since the Byzantine Empire, fascinated by the interaction with new cultures caused by Greek missionaries as they were spreading Orthodoxy through the Balkans, Russia and Finland all the way until Japan. The tradition of the icon painting changed style according to the local features of each culture.

As part of this research I visited and studied icon paintings in Romania, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Japan and Hong Kong. As I met and interviewed people, I also became interested in stories and people related to more contemporary issues, e.g. how they practice their culture in exile. This eventually led me to face and start dealing with my own background and story. The results of all the travels now serves as inspiration for current projects, shaping my work, its influence seen in insignificant yet essential details.

The knowledge from my research has imbued my further work with meaning, leading me close to what I want to express, by journeying inward my self recognizing my own emotional and mental status, expressing and exhibiting it by artistic means.


Since 2003 I have been working with the project Processes of Escape. 

Furthermore I will develop it deeply. So mainly the content of the website deals with the actual project, the rest is documentation of previous work.